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About Steve


Steve Steinberg, a graduate of The George Washington University's MBA specialty program in Organizational Behavior and Development, has been teaching company executives, professionals, and students how to work and study effectively, efficiently, and to have more free time for the past 20 years.

His approach is scientifically derived, very unique, and extremely successful. Evidenced based information from the fields of neuroscience, educational psychology, learning theory, and computer science form the foundation of his individual programs.

Steve Steinberg's graduate school studies emphasized problem solving on multiple levels simultaneously. His approach begins with understanding a person's unique learning style, goals, motivations, and preferences towards high-tech computer assisted strategies or low-tech paper and pencil modalities. While the program to enhance the individual's learning is

being customized, all the external systems (school, home/family, tutor, etc.)

that are part of the daily life are assessed and maximized to aid in the person's new study techniques.  Furthermore,

increased communication throughout the entire system is streamlined and finely tuned.Follow-through, feedback, and follow-up must be maintained throughout all aspects of the system to truly benefit the individual. A unique facet to Steve Steinberg's intervention includes his consistent presence to negotiate the glitches and continually improve the system as a whole. The ultimate goal is to have a person with self-empowerment, independence, and self esteem. This can often be achieved more quickly and easily because Steve Steinberg's intervention often catalyzes the various components to be effective, efficient, synergistic, and successful.

Steve works with students (as well as parents and professionals) from many public and private schools He also works with students who are home schooled.  

In addition, Steve speaks on various topics including but not limited to: executive function, memory, organization, and learning styles. He has spoken for Los Angeles CHADD, the Bureau Jewish Education, Santa Clarita Unified School District Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA), Kern County School District, Aviva Center (provides care, treatment, and special education to abandoned, neglected, abused, and at risk youth), Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Grand Rounds, and Harvard-Westlake School.

Steve is trained in the Psychology of Addiction and Recovery from Stanford University.  Steve is a Master Certified Life Coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation.  He is a Who's Who in California Nominee, a National Deans List Honoree, and an International Who's Who of Professional Management Honoree. Steve welcomes the opportunity and considers it an honor and privilege to assist you and/or your child.

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